Elder Law Solutions
About Timothy K. Palmer, P.C.
Elder Law Solutions is a law firm that focuses all efforts on serving the elderly and their families. Our firm has experienced paralegals and legal assistants that support the attorney in the management of matters and meeting rigid deadlines. We recognize that many of our clients are home-bound, in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Therefore, we make appointments out of the office and outside normal business hours. Our office is accessible to the elderly and disabled, with a first-floor office and wide entrances. We are sensitive to clients that have difficulties reading, hearing and communicating.

Elder Law Solutions begins with a consultation that lasts between one and two hours to review a client matter and offer service. Please call the office for consultation fees. Some client matters can be resolved with a single consultation, others involve more in-depth work and we assess the work and charge a fixed fee. At the initial meeting, the fixed fee is set for the work and timelines are established to complete the work. All legal advice after the initial consultation is provided in writing.

Without reviewing your specific situation, it is difficult for us to determine the scope of the work as well as the associated fee. However, we pride ourselves on providing cost-effective and competitive solutions.