Elder Law Solutions
Estate Administration
Our firm assists families and individuals with navigating the maze of probate and the re-titling of assets of a deceased person. We can file all necessary reports to the court and Commissioner of Accounts and negotiate debts with creditors and distributions to beneficiaries. We prepare tax returns for estates and trusts and personally administer estates and trusts when appropriate.

We advise clients on spousal and family rights including augmented estates, family allowance, and exempt property and homestead exemptions. We also handle elective shares, and the filing of income and estate tax returns. In addition, our firm can assist with insolvent estates (when an estate has limited funds to pay creditors).

Our firm will assist and direct the administration of estates from the most simple to the most complicated estates. Whether your loved one died with a Will, a Trust, or had neither a Will nor a Trust, we can create solutions to minimize the complications typically associated with Virginia probate.

Our paralegals Jennifer Morris and Abbie Miller work closely with Timothy Palmer and the families and individuals to successfully complete the administration of an estate.

Estate Administration