Estate Administration

O ur firm manages and directs the administration of estates and trusts, whether simple or complex. The responsibilities and duties associated with the estate and trust administration process can be overwhelming to the average person. From filing the necessary reports with the court and Commissioner of Accounts, to negotiating debts and distributions to beneficiaries, to preparing tax returns, we manage the estate administration process for our clients and create tailored solutions to difficult issues.

We walk clients through the complexities of the probate process. We provide expert advice on spousal and family rights including augmented estates, family allowance, and exempt property and homestead exemptions. We also handle elective shares, and the filing of income and estate tax returns.

Whether your loved one died with a will, a trust, or no estate plan at all, we can create solutions to minimize the complications typically associated with Virginia probate.

Unfortunately, families and beneficiaries often disagree as to how an estate or an incapacitated person’s affairs should be managed. Such disputes can cost the estate many thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees. We structure compromises and settlements when opposing parties are at an impasse. We explain the law and likely outcomes to clients and work with them to achieve practical and cost effective solutions.

We understand the laws that apply to fiduciaries and advise clients on how to manage assets when acting as a fiduciary for another person or entity. When necessary, we make demands on individuals who may have misappropriated a deceased or incapacitated person's assets, and defend those wrongly accused of misappropriating assets of deceased or incapacitated persons.

Our paralegal Jennifer Morris works closely with Timothy Palmer and our clients to successfully complete the administration of estates.

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