Elder Law Solutions
Virginia Medicaid Planning
Most of our clients have worked hard all their lives and retired to a somewhat comfortable lifestyle. However, most of our clients simply do not have the resources to pay for an unlimited stay in a nursing home. Such costs can exceed $5,000 per month, consuming much of the average retiree’s life savings in a matter of months. Our firm assists clients by advising them on appropriate measures to take and mistakes to avoid when it comes to long-term care. We are not a single solution law firm; Medicaid often is not the only solution. We tailor solutions that provide more than one option while, at the same time, maximizing all available resources to pay for long-term care, including Medicaid, private payment, insurance and the use of Medicaid/Long-term Care Planningthe home to fund nursing home care.

When Medicaid is necessary, we file the Medicaid application, along with all substantiations and explanations. We save clients the hassle of endless hours at the Virginia Department of Social Services to obtain Virginia Medicaid eligibility. Because each long-term care problem is unique, each elder law solution is unique. However, the recommended solutions are carefully planned out so that the majority of the assets a potential Medicaid recipient has saved his or her entire life to leave his or her beneficiaries can be protected from privately paying for nursing home or in-home care.

Even with the new Virginia Medicaid laws, many assets can be protected against nursing home costs. We can often protect the home and tens of thousands of dollars in other assets. We can determine which of your assets are Medicaid-exempt and which assets are countable resources for Virginia Medicaid eligibility purposes. Without properly planning, a stay in the nursing home can not only delay approval of Virginia Medicaid, but can result in spending all of your assets on nursing home care.

As Virginia Medicaid laws have recently changed, current nursing home patients and residents who would have previously been eligible for Medicaid under the prior law will no longer be eligible under this new Medicaid law. We have made it a priority to learn these new laws to better benefit current, as well as, potential clients. Faye Antezana works closely with Timothy Palmer and the clients to insure successful goal achievements.