Fiduciary and Estate Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, families and beneficiaries often disagree as to how an estate or incapacitated person’s affairs should be managed. Elder Law Solutions structures compromises and settlements when opposing parties are at an impasse. We can explain the law and likely outcomes to clients that have disputes that may result in litigation.

All too often, Timothy Palmer meets with the children or even individuals close to the deceased person only to find that the deceased person had not properly planned for his or her death. More often than not, disputes arise between family members, which can cost the estate many thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

We can make demands on individuals that may have misappropriated a deceased or incapacitated person's assets, and defend individuals accused of misappropriating assets of the deceased or incapacitated persons. We understand laws that apply to fiduciaries and can advise clients on how to manage assets when acting as a fiduciary for another person or entity.